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Posted: 24th October 2012

I saw this news report on a pop-up community centre in unused shops. I liked the idea, not sure of the costs of this, but it was the surrounding shops that interested me, or, rather their shutters.

I found the row of shops in Clifton Avenue, Eastham in Wirral...

And here is the group that worked with local young people to decorate them:

I love this idea of creating images on the shutters. In our local area, that is the main issue - it looks as though there are no shops open; that they are closed and not used. But in fact there are not that many spaces unused and there are a lot of take-aways, which open later in the day. If we had brighter shutters, the high street would look fantastic.

Perhaps images of what shops were there in the past - bit of a local history project as well!!

Or, similar to the workshop I just did for the festival - with 'Under the Sea' or 'Magic and Wishes Emporium" as shop fronts!

A photo of what the shop fronts looked like before...


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