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Posted: 7th October 2012

The Painting Fool is a developing and evolving programme that is aiming to be an artist. It was created by Simon Colton of Imperial College, London.

The project aim is:
to build a software system that is one day taken seriously as a creative artist in its own right.

It is an interesting concept - that the art and the programme are evolving.

As I read more on this project, I couldn't help but feel that this approach has come from a computer progammer's idea of what art is - dare I say intially quite representational and 'pretty' images.

The close ups of a few of the portraits and buildings were quite complex and the evolution of some of the line work became more that just some snazzy photoshop effects.

I can't help but wonder though, what would happen if the Painting Fool actually studied art and did what 'trained' artists do...Meet other artists, exchange ideas, muse over the existence of art and consider the complex question of why do Art at all?

The other queries are about the tangible elements of paint, thread etc. - are the images trying to replicate actual real-life materials and if so, does that detract from the end piece? Or, is it really creating pixellated images - and does that matter? Our digital eyes have become far more discerning over the last decade and I don't think that we are as forgiving of colour matches, bevels, gradients and shadows as we were - a faux canvas background can just completely kill any spark of an image.