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Posted: 31st December 2012

From Our Own Correspondent:
I heard this programme on Radio 4. There were not many details within the article, but they talked about the main premise of the place; to avoid the two C's of confusion and conflict.

Carers are friends; they go to the shops with them (and if they forget to pay, it's sorted out later). The village exists with different houses and there are activity clubs of dancing and the cinema. - video of Anna Holligan's visit

G2 Podcast:

In the Guardian though, they talk about how the carers behaviour like servants to some - for them to be accustomed to what they had before. Perhaps this is more telling of the type of person that could find themselves in such a wonderful place - the not poor?

During an interview within From our own Correspondent, one of the co-founders; Yvonne van Amerongen, says it costs exactly the same as 'regular' care - something that I was quite curious about.

Unfortunately their own website is mainly in Dutch, so is a little trickier to translate the meaning, but essentially, care is provided through their care assessment package (CIZ).

Daily Mail - "The cost of all this is not cheap: £4,169 per person per month. It is publicly funded and there is a long waiting list, with many families desperate to get their relatives into Hogewey, but it will take only patients with the most serious dementia."

With this approach I imagine there are a few drawback - even if just for the short term is the level of interest and how many people can get this level of care. The waiting time for such a place is 2 - 48 months (Waiting times)

The other issue is I image that this care does fit  a certain type of dementia suffer - one who is physically active and able to get themselves around.

My thoughts were to drawn to how feasible is it for such a place to exist in this country, cost-effectively for successful ageing and how we ourselves can do our own experimental care provisions for those with dementia.

I know of other such places and I have talked about them in other articles.

Architectural Design

Reading more about this project, it has become really quite fascinating. The design, completed in 2009, is that all the exterior areas are surrounded by the building themselves - an obvious solution but one which has been quite sensitively done to maximise both inside and outside spaces. They also create very different areas and sense of space for different groups of people. It really is like a mini-society all within one place.

Watching the video though, things aren't very different; there are lots of people in wheelchairs needing assistance into different ways to eat, drink, do activities etc. There are different activities on each day and . The main huge difference is the approach and 'labelling' of such games and things to do and the choice to do them or not. They are seen as clubs - places to go to, to meet people that like doing the same things. Rather than just putting some flowers in front of people for everyone to do flower arranging, it is an 'event'!

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