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Posted: 31st December 2012

For a particular project this year, I'm interested in transcience of 'solid' things. One thing I kept being drawn to was plastic.

The necessary 'evil' of our time - and forever.

I have heard of a great deal happening in creating polymers from other sources other than petro-chemicals and want to look into this more in the near future.

Designers and jewellery makers have begun to use plastics in different ways to get some interesting results. Edible plastic and polymers from milk are just some of the things made.

With some though, I wonder if it is more the appealing of knowing what they are made from, rather than the aesthetics.


Jewellery Design by Lili Giacobino


Below are some practical links and info to help me with this process.
Starch Plastic
Make Your Own Bioplastic (Brandon's Remix)

YouTube Channel:
How To Videos - Step-by-Step
Plastic Milk
Making Casein plastic with milk and vinegar!/
Potato Plastic
More dangerous pressure cooker version!

Another alternative is to 'grow' material from yeast. Designer Suzanne Lee has developed such a technique...

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