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Posted: 4th June 2013

Karin Sander: “Visitors on Display”
22 March to 23 June 2013

“Being scanned”, writes the concept artist and theorist Harry Walter, “is something completely different to being photographed. The feeling of being recorded from all sides, with me at least, led to an increased sense of uncertainty in terms of the representative zones of my body. For the first time I had to imagine how I look like from behind and from above. Or even between my legs. And although I was dressed, I felt that I was being sensuously stroked for 10 intensive seconds while the laser camera traversed me from top to bottom. If there’s such a thing as an aura I thought, then it must surely be detectable with this device alone.”

I think this idea od 3D printing objects is going to be the next thing to invade our lives. Like the internet, small snippets of stories are leaking closer to our everyday. Could we soon be printing our own products?

3D Family Portraits

"Kawamura is optimistic about the future possibilities of 3D printing. "Everything, I think, will get better in the next year or two; there'll be significant improvements," he says. "Just the idea that anyone could manufacture their own product is very, very interesting.""

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