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Posted: 22nd October 2013

I heard about this organisation while listening to Philip Davis talk about literature and 'real reading' while in conversation with Grayson Perry, Penelope Curtis and Tom Sutcliffe.

What I particularly liked was Davis' description of the work as "small communities come together to share, begin to ceate small better worlds." He went on to say "Small worlds of poems create small worlds of people coming together creates the nulceus of better worlds, where the private and the public are shared".

Robert Frost describing poetry as a "momentary stay against confusion."

Professor Philip Davis – Poetry Not Prozac: Depression and the Reading Revolution
October 17, 2012

CRILS - Centre for Reading, Information and Linguistic Systems:

Link to University of Liverpool:

Publications of Philip Davis

Davis P (2013) On Reading and The Reader. Oxford University Press, Oxford

Josie Billington, Philip Davis (2013) 'Reading as a Participatory Art; An Alternative Mental Health Therapy' . Journal of Community Arts

I particularly like the Appendix, outlining all the different poems, short stories, excerpts of novels etc, used within the study above. I'm thinking of useing poetry within the tent, and this is a good place to look for references that would be useful.

They also have published an anthology for reading Aloud -

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Appearing on Dragons Den, this idea was to create reminiscence spaces within care homes, hospitals etc.