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Posted: 29th October 2013

I'm sorry, I can't help but keep finding them...!

Here are some more gorgeous designs and ideas...I only wish some of these were bigger!!

Haba Room Tent Marrakesh


This is a nice and funky tent. It has a real sense of style and fits together so well.

The very basic shape around the door is again, simple but really adds to the overall effect.

The colour palette is really simple, but the blue, pink and orange are really effective.

I think I could use this idea of limited colour palette and simple shapes as an overall composition of the tent.

I'm not sure though, if I would have to use colour everywhere though (maybe dye the white sides?) in order for it to look 'finished'?

Play Tent Rose Fairy

Another tent made by Haba.

Again, it has a really simple design and colours, but effective.


Willow Green Pavilion Play Tent


Hexagonal tent over 1.5m high - I'm quite jealous I can't find a similar structure, but taller!
In Pink and Blue.



Build your own play den - different every time!

Basically, this is a set of tubes and connectors - like a giant Meccano set - you can literally build anything.

I like the underlying ethos behind the product too - there seems to be a great deal online about their use as a team building and intergenerational tool. I guess the larger than life scale puts children and adults on a similar footing from the beginning of activities..?

Expresso Cafe Play House

Shop play house



Jaunty Wooden House



At what point does a play thing becomes a real thing...?

This $5,525.00 Victorian Mansion must just be amazing - such a shame there are no more pictures of inside. - blog with a few US tents and musing

Bedrooms are quite fantastical too:

Further Reading

The Boex Box

This is another of Boex's design for an exhibition space...