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Posted: 4th November 2013

When I look at photos of distant far away Tibetan temples, mountains and hillside roads, prayer flags are there - gently swaying away in the wind. They look beautiful, whiile also being a colourful and collaborative sign of faith.

I'm not going to use prayer flags as a source of inspiration for this project as I'm not knowledgable enough on them and their meanings and I don't think it appropriate. However, I have still looked into them for their history, uses and meanings for my own interest.

"Made from colorful cloth squares in Blue, White, Red, Green and Yellow. Woodblocks are used to decorate the prayer flags with images, mantras, and prayers.

At the center of a prayer flag, there is an image of the Wind Horse. On the Four corners of each of the Prayer Flags, are images of a Garuda, Dragon, Tiger, and Snow Lion which are the four sacred animals representing the Four Virtues of Wisdom, Strength, Confidence, and Joy.

Tradition tells us the Wind Horse in center of each flag will carry the blessings of love and compassion to all sentient beings through out the universe. As wind passes over the surface of the flags the air is purified and the wind energized by the Sacred Mantras that are printed on the Prayer Flags.



The Five colors of Tibetan Prayer Flags traditionally represent the Five Elements

BLUE (sky/space)   WHITE (wind/air)   RED (fire)   GREEN (water)   Yellow (earth)"


Colourful - the small strips of fabric change the shape and feel of a space - even (especially?) in the middle of a mountain.

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