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Posted: 8th November 2013

I was first was drawn to Olek's giant crocheted trains and crocodiles.

The idea of a 'domestic' process of creating clothing surrounding an outdoor structure introduces the notion of the inside outside, concealment and the public and private. The textures and patterns created with the bright colours gives the play-space a whole different presence and feel towards engaging with it.


As I started researching, I found that she had also worked with balloons. Bright and colourful spaces created and transformed through crocheting long balloons together..


Syntactic Nature | Krause Gallery | NYC 2012

From other projects, like the giant poodles, the sculptures change as they loose their air and form; becoming temporary spaces.

A beautiful way of introducing different processes within a space. Perhaps within the tent I could use similar bright colours and ways of getting people to interact with the space. It could be a weaving section or loose threads that could be crocheted together - working on people's motor skills and dexterity..?

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