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Posted: 17th November 2013

Sometimes I think that Radio 4's programming is the definitive proof of Solipsism...

One of the issues I have been considering about the tent is music and sounds. 

In creating a space all 5 senses have to present as much as possible, and so, the acoustics and presence of sound is so important. Sounds and music can make a space - or enhance it into a different dimension.

And so, to the question of what kind of music? 

In sessions I struggle with personal choice of music - not everyone will like what everyone else does and so, usually I will put on a radio rather than a CD so that the 'choice' of music is removed.

With the tent, do I address this question or sidestep it?

I really want music that is audible, but not too intrusive - is familiar, but different to enhance the 'uniqueness' of the space.

I've thought about perhaps working with someone to create music.

Then this programme came on Radio 4 yesterday - it felt like it was talking to me!

Tim Key's Easy USSR

"I remember exactly where I was when I was first exposed to Vyacheslav Mescherin's tunes. I was at a dinner party and the host handed me the sleeve with a glint in her eye. She thought I might quite like it. The insinuation was that none of the other guests would. She was right."

Nine years ago, comedian and poet Tim Key was given a copy of a CD entitled Easy USSR Vol. 2. One car journey to Devon and four consecutive listens later, and he was hooked. The strange yet catchy sounds of Vyacheslav Mescherin's Ensemble of Electronic Musical Instruments have underscored his life and his work ever since. On stage and on the radio, Mescherin's music lies beneath him like a crashmat."


The problem now is - I can't find it anywhere for sale. 

I have found a playlist on Youtube:

And a video of the orchestra playing from 1984 (with singing)...


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