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Posted: 18th November 2013

"Here are some more of the official photographs of the Newtopia taken by the Chinese Arts Centre. A wonderful reminder of the project and the amount of work done with the children from Caldershaw Primary School."

Tasha Whittle, an artist based at Islington Mill worked with artist Nicola Colclough students from a local primary school to create their own exhibition from inspiration from what they saw in the gallery at the Chinese Art Centre.

This is a lovely, well rounded, detailed and authentic use of a community project with others.

Lighting is key, but the exhibition has a variety of elements and fills the space well. The ide of decorating fabric to then be draped over to make teepees is so simple yet engaging.

It wouldn't really be suitable for working with older people as it needed to be more rigid and sturdy with no trip hazards. I do like the visual aesthetics of the exhibition overall.

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