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Posted: 22nd November 2013

As part of the tent design I want a butterfly mobile suspended from the centre of the tent. - Like a huge chandelier, filling the central space with moving colour and patterns.

I've already got a good idea how this will go, but for reference there are below are a selection of mobile that I could take inspiration from...

Bold, Simple Shapes filled with Bright Colours


These are a selection of quite simple, but effective shapes and ideas for a mobile.

Shapes and objects

This mobile by Goshandgolly is so effective. The solid colours and simple shapes are just lovely. And, visually it makes sense!


 How Joyful Hot Air Balloons are colourful and sculptural in shape. Beautiful designs and I really like the extra touch of bunting around on of the balloons!


Kites and Leaves!

Again, really simple ways of creating a sky inspired and an autumnal themed mobile.


More Links...

A whole page of butterfly mobiles!

An eclectic Pinterest Page by Meg Mill


Trendy Geometric Shaped Mobiles

More funky designs using those nets you made in Maths...



Further Reading

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