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Posted: 25th November 2013

As part of the project I want to develop some Sand Art as part of the final art tent.  I've explored the use of sand previously; developing approaches as part of 'Scratching the Surface' and working in older people's homes.

I'm going to use this work as a starting point for one of the 16 sessions.

One of additional considerations this time is the how the work can be reproduced within the tent. I wanted to photograph the images created within the sand to then be transferred onto the walls. I will be working with a volunteer and she will hopefully be able to help by photographing the work too.

Although I really like the work that has been produced through the other sessions, I think the rectangle shape might not lend itself well to the tent interior. I was thinking if I used circular lids of chocolate tins as a tray they could be photographed and reproduced within this shape.

The circular outline would then sit better with the Collage Bubbles and clouds and would continue the sculptural shapes onto the 2D surface.

The theme for the session is going to be 'Daydreaming' - one of the suggestions for Floating Away by a resident. The images produced could include patterns, faces aspleep or thinking, clouds - and anything from a day dream!

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