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Posted: 1st December 2013

Wheel of Everyday Life

31 January - 13 March 2013

I stumbled upon this work and was amazed at the similarities of some of my work.

Using vinyl on the floor, Kingberg gives the viewer a mandala-like look at our consumer world. Rather than using architectural features, she uses logos and iconography of the 'Western' world to create these symmetrical patterns, cascading out into the public spaces beyond the gallery.



Gunilla Klingberg: Wheel of Everyday Life from Walley Films on Vimeo.

One very small thing...

I am drawn to the symmertry (obviously!) of the piece, but I can't help but feel she is missing a trick with the middle of the piece. Perhaps the piece is so rich that that centre is to be plain (or is it hollow - a simple visual reminder of our vacuous comsumer ethos?) to compensate.

But for me, with such a busy visual landscape it feels as though it is a snowstorn to fight towards to get to the centre, and after such a journey - what could be there once you get there? A written 'pearl of wisdom', or a locally valued logo, symbol or landmark?

Would this change the meaning of the piece too much?

The difficult with consumerism is that although it is very easy to say how empty it is; we, as a society still do it - what is our leverage to continue with a pattern of 'empty' behaviour? And what would our lives be like without it? - Deinstallation of the work (looks satifying!)

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