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Posted: 10th December 2013

Below are a selection of images that haven't quite made it to full posts, but are still very relevant to the design work...

"The 10th World Festival of Children’s Theatres kicks off in Moscow today. The programme will include bright firework performances and clownery. The “Mister Pageot’s Travelling Puppies” street performance is expected to draw much attention. In all, 54 theatres from 20 countries will perform in Moscow."

While researching about temporary children's theatre I found this image from Russia. What caught my eye was the tall hooped colourful structures to the left of the image. Small, bright, easy to fold away at the end and instantly give a stalactite or stalagmite effect.

Not sure how easy these would be to make, but could be another option for structures in the tent...?

Simple, but effective use of shape and colour to create an impact.

Could use the sand art circles as lengths of colour like this..?
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