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Posted: 16th September 2014

I came across this interesting and 'fun' way of gathering data and information from older people about where they live.

This is in the context of the National Housing for Older People Awards, for which residents of various different settings and models can say what they think about the running of where they live.

Questionnaires and forms are everywhere now and service users quite understandably get frustrated with 'yet another piece of paper'. With the idea of making the data collection more of an 'event' and something to do for an afternoon, it brings a little lightness to proceedings rather than a chore.

The results are set up to be collate by computer too - so are easier to utilise and synthesis into relevant information.

I think this is perhaps not too good for those that may have memory impairments and wouldn't be able to fill in score cards themselves. I think on the initial first glance the score card looks quite complicated to follow, although I do like that they are definite but concrete answers as opposed to numbers. But as an alternative (and potentially quite cheap) way of gathering data in an unobtrusive way for people this is quite an interesting approach.



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