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Posted: 24th January 2012

Jan 2012

I've been revisiting a project I did last year with another group of adults. The first time around I really enjoyed it and felt I could get much more from what we were doing, but just didn't have the time.

With this group, I've shifted the focus much more onto what they want to do within a theme title. So, there is real movement and opportunity to explore ideas, imagery and thoughts.

Intro to the project

I want the project to explore what 'place' is for people - it could be their town, city, street or their favourite place they've visited. Or it could be more ephemeral than that; fantastical places in books, poems or just the imagination. And, what does 'place' mean in the digital or virtual realm?

The group also expressed an interest in printing and I thought that I could use several artists as inspiration for this joining of theme and process.

Anne Desmet is one of my favourite artists and printmakers. I have one of her books - Handmade Prints that I also use for inspiration within sessions.

Her work is a beautiful mix of textures, patterns, collage, realistic, transformative and fantastical. There as so many elements of her work that I like, and that are easily transferred within session work.

The use if repeating buildings and shapes, how colours are used within and as backgrounds to the pieces. I also really like how pieces are framed within different shapes - feeling organic, archaic. I first heard of Desmet's work through her Transformations - where images merged into others. Collages upon collages creating an intriguing vista.

Here is some work that I have created emulating Desmet style for one of the sessions-


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