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Posted: 30th October 2012

£50 million investment to give people with dementia specially designed care homes and wards
October 25, 2012

"Dedicated funding to create care environments for people with dementia, which aid treatment by helping avoid confusion and keeping patients calm, was announced today by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Up to £50 million will be available to NHS Trusts and local authorities working in partnership with social care providers to help tailor hospitals and care homes to the needs of those with dementia.

Improved designs of this kind have been shown to help dementia patients manage their condition better, by helping to reduce agitation and confusion."

This doesn't feel to be new news or initiative - this sort of work has been done (or tried to be) for decades...

The King’s Fund’s Enhancing the Healing Environment Programme

"Environments for Care for People with Dementia

A new Department of Health funded programme was launched in 2009 to improve the care environment for people with dementia and to support the implementation of the first national dementia care strategy. Ten projects were chosen to reflect the different stages of the care pathway from diagnosis to end of life care and to act as exemplars of how practical improvements in the hospital environment can enhance the experience of service users and carers. A further 12 NHS Trusts joined this programme in 2010.  Previous EHE projects to improve the environment of care for people with dementia are already showing how accidents and incidents of challenging behaviours can be reduced by redesign and refurbishment.  

Further information about the EHE progamme and The King’s Fund can be found at"

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