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Posted: 7th May 2013

The theme of self-exploration and vulnerability through sharing personal experiences are what draws me back to Tracey Emin's work.

There is a real rawnes to the work which exposes inner worlds, yet with that there is the sense that 'do we know too much about her'?

Monoprint Diary

It interests me also how through the process of monoprint she conceals or makes it difficult to read what is written. Spodges of ink, words written backwards to print, making things not like her own writing, and maybe slightly 'considered' too..?

Similar to the feeling I had about my diary piece, I wanted to document and share what my thought were but I didn't want anyone to read them. The process here of monoprinting creates an additional barrier - making to reader work (and then 'worthy'?) to read what is shared there.

I'm relating these feelings into my own approach at present. Through the 'confusion' of the box - the viewer has to 'work' at reading what is there. If they are bothered to make that much effort then they can read what is there.



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