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Posted: 22nd October 2013

Here are a selection of Pop-Up Books online.

I went into Manchester - Waterstones, Magma - The Works even and there was such a limited selection of roughly 5 pop-up books in total. I was very disappointed - even Disney store had NO books at all?? Really surprised.

Pop-Up Design and Paper Mechanics
Duncan Birmingham


This looks a basic look at how you could create shapes and pop ups yourself.

Haunted House - Let yourself in...
Jan Pienkowski

I think this book is one of my earliest memories of a pop up book. We had one at primary school.
I think it was only allowed at the front entrance - you had to be supervised while looking at it. Probably wasn't classed as 'educational' - more fool them! Arts, crafts and uneducational books are the things that most prepared me for my working life - perhaps life in general!




Winter's Tale
Robert Sabuda

Beautifully simple and elegant images and works of paper engineering.





Moveable Mother Goose
Robert Sabuda

The same author has done other books - a really great Dinosaur one! -

This is another, bright, bold and contemporary pop up book.




The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: a Commemorative Pop-up
L.Frank Baum, Robert Sabuda

I think this might be my favourite one though - if in a different style from 2001.

These pages create a really believable and complete world. I think it comes back to the idea of miniatures and dolls houses - things are fascinating when in context with each other too.

The use of colour, shapes, strucutres of the paper and glittery things is just brilliant.









An Edwardian Doll's House: A Three Dimensional Pop-Up Book
Brian Sanders & Lizzie Sanders

One last book that I had to include - or can you say it's a book..?

I just adore this idea and style of this book. It is exquisite. I bought a spooky house version from Berlin for my brother years ago (can't seem to find anything about that online) - with the book pulling round to create a 3D shape.

The rooms are just beautifully done, with such attention to details and small features.




The only pop-up book worth mentioning from my book trip out - and I can't find any pictures of it online. There is a really nice glood that is a sphere that pops up completely when you open the first page. - a pretty video of a pop-up book.

More Robert Sabuda books -

I'm looking at Pop-up book design as I want to look at how I can create shapes and structures that are foldable and easy to construct within the tent.

With a few simple folds, shapes and 3D structures can be created - perhaps this can be a technique I include within the tent space.

Another really nice site: - review about opposites - using layering and acetate

Interactive Paper Pop-Up Playhouse - The Invisible Woman Series
"A series of contemporary phenakistoscopes, pop-up books, paper dolls, automata and interactive dioramas."

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