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Posted: 29th October 2013

This is an interesting use of functional design, space and multi-purpose furniture.

"In 1996, Barcelona architects Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores were hired to convert an old community laundry into a penthouse. At just 27 square meters (290 square feet), the space was minimal; it was also just a temporary home and the clients wanted a home that was maintenance-free."

Although, perhaps not very practical or visually pleasing - feels like someone has just moved in with lots of cardboard boxes. But I imagine it would be really easy to clean and you'd be less likely to collect clutter - otherwise you'd literally not be able to get into bed!


I think though you might be inclined to add things to the walls - extra folding tables down or seating. There isn't actually a lot of places to sit - especially as there is a double bed, but I only saw one chair?

I do like the use of the step as another bed/sofa and the kitchen area is quite nice to fold away. Again though, I think it might have been better with a different finish around that area for food preparation.

There are lots of other designs in small spaces:

Small House Movement: (US) Small houses on trailers!


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