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Posted: 25th November 2013

Gorgeous undulating curves creating soft wavy lines.

Part of 'Waves' an interactive sound and visual installation; the piece consists of a moving rope that creates a visual representation of sound waves.

"How does sound moves?

A long piece of rope generates 3D waves floating in space by the physical action of its movement: the rope which creates the visual waves also simultaneously creates the sound by cutting through the air, making up a single element.

The installation is affected by those who watch it. When the audience moves around it they influence the movements of the rope, generating visual and acoustic sound waves from harmonic patterns to complex ones.
Depending on how we may act in front of it, according to the number of observers and their movements, it will pass from a steady line without sound to chaotic shapes of irregular sounds (the more movement there is around the installation) through the different phases of sinusoidal waves and harmonic sounds; examining the action-reaction principle applied to sound and space.


Waves from Daniel Palacios on Vimeo.