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Posted: 25th November 2013

I first came accross Darren Browlett's Seedpods quite sometime ago now and while doing my research it came back to me about their uniqueness and difference.

Originally a project for Browlett's MA studies in 2010 - he developed them into an interactive art object for those with dementia.


Underlying these extra-ordinary objects lies a principle design methodology and creative engagement/communication with those with dementia. 

What I'm drawn the most to with this idea is the notion of the 'extra-ordinary'. To engage with something that is completely new as an experience means that everyone is on an even playing field.
Everyone has to figure out how to interact with it. The 'newness' creates equality. - his Pinterest is diverse!

Within the tent I want to create some of this feeling of the 'uniqueness' and the sense of the extra-ordinary. 

To have no preivous idea of something puts all who view it on equal footing - new pathways and links have to be formed, even if thye are just fleeting.

There is a danger that new things can be too daunting - too new. But, by grounding the overall 'style' or theme in familiar terms exploration could begin. As with the idea of the music for tent - familiar but different!

Further Reading

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