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Posted: 29th November 2013

For an activity within the tent I want blank 'framed' spaces for people to create temporary art work on the wall.

To entice people to draw in 'selected' areas, and for it to look 'special' rather than blank spaces as part of the activities I want people to create ornate frames that will look like artwork before people add to it.

This way it will looked staged in order to look inviting for people and with an element of 'permission' through the symbol of the 'frame' around the work.

The frames could be used in several ways - directly as blank canvases, a way to display the work already made and as a projecting space for images to be projected into the tent.

Frames Frames Frames!

How about some empty frames on your wall...?

Wallpaper you can add to!

Simple, but effective - this wallpaper looks 'finished' but has the opportunity to change - almost inviting you in to add to it! Taylor & Wood's 'Frames' byu Graham & Brown is £18.00 a roll.

This is the idea I want for the tent - lovely shapes and ornate frames - ready to just be drawn into. With the air erasable pens, the work will simply disappear!

Although, I would like to develop a way in which to keep certain pieces - perhaps ironing the pen onto the fabric would fix it?

Places for Vector and Photo Images:

Buy Wood Impressions/Blanks:
Colourful Frames
Printable 'frames' for kids artwork - same sort of principle.


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