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Posted: 4th February 2012

I wanted to explore myself what 'Place' was in order to work with these ideas within a project - Printing and Place. At the moment, it is quite interesting as my own work can link in with this overall theme.

So, what is Place?
Place could be anywhere - physical - a town, city, building, room.

It can be the feeling, thoughts and memories that come from a place. What makes it what it is. Those indecipherable elements that knit together to create that ephemeral sense of being somewhere.

These elements don't have to be man-made; they could be hills, trees, rivers. Going on walks there feels as though you move from one space to another - a path feels different as you travel along it. Like a narrative.

20/02/11 - Walk near Valehouse Reservoir

My sense of place and memory is very strong - almost as though I pick off where I left that last time I was there. Practically that works so well within sessional work, and when wearing different hats. But personally, it can be difficult - makes me not want to go back to places.

This compartmentalising of memories brings a strong mental image of places being labelled with memories - liked collated objects at a museum.


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