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Architects of Air

23rd September 2014
A giant pop up sculptural space that immerses visitors within shapes, colour and light.

Dancing Traffic Lights

18th September 2014
An intriguing bit of advertising wrapped up in quirky and creative thinking.

EAC Awards - Card Game

16th September 2014
I came across this interesting and 'fun' way of gathering data and information from older people about where they live.

Origami Fireworks

18th August 2014
A lovely instructional video about creating interlocking origami pieces to create a moving piece.


11th March 2014
PEARL is a programme run within Four Seasons Care Homes, based around Brooker's VIPS approach to person-centred dementia care.

Online places of ideas

10th March 2014
Lots of ideas about activities, bubbles, jelly-made pay dough, science experiments and simple art activities.

Braille Printing

2nd February 2014
Braille for accessibility

Ladder to the Moon

28th January 2014
Ladder to the Moon provides workforce and service development that enables health and care organisations to develop active, creative, vibrant care services.

Dementia Adventure

28th January 2014
Dementia Adventure connects people living with dementia with nature and a sense of adventure.

New Older People Projects - Arts Council England

20th December 2013
Arts Council England and the Baring Foundation announce the successful applicants to the Arts and older people in care programme

Saltygoo - 3D Printed Salt

13th December 2013
Salt used as a building material by Emerging Objects.

Children's Theatre

13th December 2013
A selection of childrens' theatre companies - travelling around the UK in schools and communities.

Pop Up Spaces

13th December 2013
Another collection of images and snap shots of temporary spaces in different forms.

Bringing Colour to History

13th December 2013
Beautiful collection of images that people have added realistic colour to early photographs.

Gallery in the Truck

10th December 2013
With what looks to be very little ceremony, art is displayed in a removal truck in Peterborough, Canada in 2012

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