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Gunilla Klingberg

1st December 2013
Using vinyl on the floor, Kingberg gives the viewer a mandala-like look at our consumer world.

Black Dog Day

30th November 2013
Pauline, an artist and black dog owner (and creator) based in Australia.

Art - Serious Play

29th November 2013
Grayson Perry's Reith Lectures 2013


29th November 2013
Up - the pixar animated film.

Zena Holloway

29th November 2013
Underwater Photography


29th November 2013
Bubble machines and more...


29th November 2013
For an activity within the tent I want blank 'framed' space for people to create temporoary art work on the wall.

Floaty Poetry

25th November 2013
As part of the tent, I wanted to include creative writing and the written word.

Floating Away - Sand Art

25th November 2013
As part of the project I want to develop some Sand Art as part of the final art tent.

Aubrey de Gray - Ending Ageing

25th November 2013
As part of the TEDxSalford event we went to recently Aubrey de Gray was discussing his researching into cell deterioration and maintenance theory.

Waves - Daniel Palacious

25th November 2013
Gorgeous undulating curves creating soft wavy lines.

Elderflowers - Hearts & Minds

25th November 2013
The Elderflowers programme uses the performing arts to improve the quality of life for elderly people with dementia and their families in hospital care in Scotland.

Fortuitous Novelties Seedpods

25th November 2013
I first came accross Darren Browlett's Seedpods quite sometime ago now and while doing my research it came back to me about their uniqueness and difference.


22nd November 2013
Moving Mobiles and Dancing Designs...

Art and Tents

20th November 2013
A collection of interesting links to art-related tents...

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