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Tent Projects

12th October 2013
Looking at other projects that have used tent spaces, or as a focus of a project...

Podules - Jan Niedojadlo

12th October 2013
I saw these 'sculptural spaces' a little while ago at the Turnpike Gallery in Leigh.

The Tent - Tali Buchler

12th October 2013
A project using finger knitting to create ropes of different colours.

Tents for Sale!

12th October 2013
Some tents, gazebos and other temporary constructions commercially available...

Float - Beijing

12th October 2013
A failry low-tech idea of using the traditional use of kite flying to monitor air quality.

Kinetic Sand

20th September 2013
This is a fascinating new 'product' aimed af children.

Vinyl Cutters

3rd September 2013
I'm interested in creating duplicated large shapes - and vinyl/a vinyl cutter might be the way to do it...

Silhouette Cameo Cutter/Plotter

3rd September 2013
So, as I was saying (in Vinyl Cutters) - I was thinking of creating large duplicated images perhaps with vinyl.

Vinyl Materials List

3rd September 2013
Here is a more comprehensive list of materials needed for vinyl work...

Fullfiling Lives: Ageing Better

30th August 2013
Big Lottery funding for local authorities to apply for 32 shortlisted ares for £70 million funding.

The Dementia Design Team

30th August 2013
I went to the whistle-stop talk at Media City about the multi-disciplined Dementia Design Group at the University of Salford.

Floatastic Pavilion

29th August 2013
A different way of creating a structure - by stopping an inflatable roof floating away...

Station to Station

21st August 2013
Although limited to where a train line may be, this encapsulates the idea of the Travelling Art.

The Pixel Painter - Hal Lasko

12th August 2013
A really lovely and uplifting story about 97 year old Hal

The Unfeathered Bird

25th July 2013

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