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As if From Nowhere - Orla Reynolds

25th June 2012
Gorgeous simplicity with this multi-purpose, functional design.

Writing and Reading

21st June 2012
Small TEDx talk about Kleon's analysis of the publishing chain and how blogs give a direct readership rather than publishers.

Paper Work - Simon Schubert

31st May 2012
Some beautiful work created through folding paper.

Artistic Aids

17th May 2012
Not fully sure the objects look useable or sturdy, but if you were an older person who likes Ikea; these could be the designer aids for you...


15th May 2012
References and Readling List

Creative Memories

15th May 2012
Below are some artists that use memory or the loss of it within their work

The Areas of Exploration

15th May 2012
Areas Included in Exploration...


15th May 2012
From this assignment I have learnt that creative engagement and pedagogy comes in many various forms and approaches.

Personal Budgets

15th May 2012
This is one of the biggest changes that could potentially affect all community arts


15th May 2012
Through their pebble system I uploaded assests onto my file and created pages of information linking to the assests

Yayoi Kusama @ Tate Modern

14th May 2012
Kusama comes across as this creative and active artist that has a real passion for expression

Mental Health Providers Forum - Star

14th May 2012
I first came accross this organisation unknowingly in 2010 through an evaluation tool posted on a noticeboard...

Creative Engagement and Pedagogy

14th May 2012
This submission is eclectic. As time has neared module deadline, I’ve become more and more confused about what it is that I was actually handing in.

David Stephenson - Vaults and Domes

14th May 2012
Stunning collection of images of Vaults and Domes.

BACP Professional Development Days

14th May 2012
I really value the fact that BACP has opened out the professional development days out to a survey of members.

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