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Doodle Book

16th April 2012
My Grandma has always loved to draw and as something to do and share together when I visit I bought her a sketchbook.


4th April 2012
I was following up researching Chris Jordan after seeing his TED talk...


22nd March 2012
Reminiscence therapy involves the discussion of past activities, events and experiences with another person or group of people...

Sketchbook on Sketchbooks

21st March 2012
Below are some pages from my Sketchbook on Sketchbooks....

Playful Spaces - Adapted Artwork?

2nd March 2012
I thought of a few pieces of artwork and artists whose work could be very easily be imagined into a space or could create a sense of space through their pieces...

Playful Spaces - What Others Have Done

29th February 2012
the idea of an interactive gallery space grabbed my attention

Maths and Sculpture

20th February 2012

Plaster Carving

8th February 2012
Through exploration of building materials, I felt that plaster was a versatile and responsive medium to work with.

Print Makers

5th February 2012
Some amazing sites for information and inspiration on print makers...

Photography - Small World

5th February 2012
Brilliant collection of images. Fascinating close-ups and more importantly, explores what the images are about.

In Plain Sight...

4th February 2012
Found these odd plates in my Grandma's kitchen while packing up to move. Reminds me of beauty in the everyday...

What is Place?

4th February 2012
It can be the feeling, thoughts and memories that come from a place. What makes it what it is

The Curiousity Collection

31st January 2012

But how about now..?

30th January 2012
How can we prepare people for old age? And with it, possibly dementia?

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