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rubberMADE - Courtney Starrett

9th July 2013
I came across this jewellery designer's work while researching around bio-plastic...

Personal Care Savings Bonds

23rd June 2013
I was listening the news today and an interesting article came up about the potential idea of personal care savings bonds.

More Bio-Plastic Ideas

23rd June 2013
Here are some more interesting sites and ideas around bio-plastic...

Lisa Park - Euonia

18th June 2013
Reading about Lisa Park's work - Euonia (Greek for Beautiful Thinking) I was really interested in the idea of technology interfaces.

Nutmeg Clothing

11th June 2013
I came across Morrison's children's clothing range and I really liked the attention to detail towards functional design.

China's Alzheimer's future

10th June 2013
Just over 9 million Chinese people are living with dementia, which is more than any other country in the world

Glossy Magazines

4th June 2013
I've often wondered when picking up nice shiny leaflets about conditions and services - who makes these?

Plastic Fish

4th June 2013
I like the slogan which accompanied these large sculptures, which apparently translates as -

3D Printed Art

4th June 2013

Interesting Historical Photos

4th June 2013
Some links on Imgur that I just couldn't loose...


3rd June 2013
'See the past like you wouldn't believe'

Bed Skirt Tutorial

10th May 2013
Perhaps not the most 'arty' of posts, but I do like this simple solution.


10th May 2013
They have various talks and events on different issues around ageing research and studies.

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