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Printing and Place

24th January 2012
I want the project to explore what 'place' is for people...

Because we're worth it

24th January 2012
This event, in London looks to address ideas and issues around current participatory arts practice.


23rd January 2012
I really like the versitility of Lazertran.


22nd January 2012
I find it fascinating how one need of many travellers and sailors has produced so many different yet similar designs.

More Sand Work

21st January 2012
Another session idea using sand art as inspiration for work with residents at residential homes.

JR Glue Paintings

20th January 2012

Drew Pritchard - Salvage

16th January 2012
Salvaged architectural antiques

Dark Matters - Whitworth Art Gallery

16th January 2012
I managed to sneak in to see the final day of the exhibition at the Whitworth and I am so glad I did.

What Now?

15th January 2012
The Question Butterflies are hard at work...

What we see changes who we are...JR

13th January 2012
JR's TED Prize wish: Use art to turn the world inside out

Bealtaine Conference 8th-10th May 2012

13th January 2012
CREATING A NEW OLD is a major global conference taking place

Buddhist Talk - Mindfulness and the mandala of integration

12th January 2012
The five great stages of the spiritual path — Mindfulness and the mandala of integration

Drawing Quotes and Thoughts

12th January 2012
Drawing Quotes


12th January 2012

GMAHN Arts Health Library

11th January 2012
Greater Manchester Arts Health Network (GMAHN) acts as a collaborative hub

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