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3 Space

6th November 2012
A charity that turns empty shops into temporary spaces for community use.

Michael Elion - Rainbows in Cape Town

6th November 2012
Michael Elion's photographs are beautiful and unexpected moments of discovery on the streets of Cape Town.

Elizabeth Kealy-Morris - Mapping Memory

6th November 2012
An interesting project by Elizabeth Kealy-Morris looking at how memory, place and time can be recorded and documented.

Global Impacts

5th November 2012

Alison Baskerville - The White Picture

1st November 2012
Women in the British Army in Afghanistan photographed by Alison Baskerville

Investment in specially designed care homes

30th October 2012
£50 million investment to give people with dementia specially designed care homes and wards

Plan Ahea...d

26th October 2012


24th October 2012
I saw this news report on a pop-up community centre in unused shops. I liked the idea, but it was the surrounding shops that interested me, or, rather their shutters.

Research at Salford University

22nd October 2012


21st October 2012

Remembering the Past - Tom Hussey

11th October 2012
Reflections by Tom Hussey

The Painting Fool

7th October 2012

Age of Creativity

24th September 2012
Introduction to a new website

Theatre on the Fly

9th August 2012
A pop up, cheap, flexible and dispensible space for drama and events. A really simple, but so effective design.

Hearing Colours

3rd July 2012
Fascinating article about Neil Harbisson's use of an 'eyeborg' to create colours into frequecies of sound which is then transmitted into his bones.

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